Course Description

Medication Aide is a person who is trained in a licensed School and certified by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services to administer medication to residents in the following areas.
After successfully completion of the program, the student will take Medication Aide State exam and when he or she passes the student name will be listed in the Texas State Registry.
  • 8 WEEKS
  • 140 contact clock hours ( 100 hours classroom work, 30 hours of lab and 10 hours of clinical experience)
  • 18 yrs of Age or older with proof of Age.
  • Able to speak, write and understand English
  • Proof of High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be a certified Nurse Aide currently working as Certified Nurse Aide, and listed as active on Texas Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Must continue to work as a Nurse Aide from start of the Medication Aide class date to completion date.
  • Must be employable.
  • Student must pass background check and fingerprinting check and will be done before admitted into the class.
  • Student must currently work in Nursing Home facility, Assisted Living facility for 90days, or Memory care.
The curriculum for the program is drafted and approved by the Department of Aging and Disability land class can only be taught by a Registered Nurse.